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What Are Energy Efficient Windows?

What Are Energy Efficient Windows?Get to know your windows! What one item in your home can offer you light, warmth, ventilation, and provide you a way to look out over the world and dream? Your windows! Windows have so much to offer a home and provide a sense of connection to the outside world but, your windows can also be the source of your hard earned money being sucked away. Now what do we mean by that? An old or worn out window does not provide the same protection against the elements of extreme heat or cold that a newer energy efficient model. Less protection means your furnace will be working overtime in the winter and your air conditioner in the summer. The loss of heat or cooled air through those tired worn out windows is the leading cause of higher energy bills each month, and who wants to be paying higher energy bills? If you find yourself in need of a window replacement make sure you choose energy efficient windows! Energy Efficient Windows What makes a window energy efficient? Let’s take a closer look at what makes a window energy efficient. One of the biggest differences between an energy efficient window and a regular window is the glass. Most regular windows just have a single pane of glass, where as an energy efficient one has multiple panes of glass with insulating air spaces between each pane. There are two terms you want to keep in mind when looking for windows: U-Value – measures a window units resistance to heat loss. Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) – measures how much heat enters a home through the glass. Visible Transmittance (VT) – measures how much light is transferred through your window. Buying the Right Window When shopping for windows, the lower the number on the U-Value and SHGC the better the window performs, but you want a high VT to maximize daylight coming in. Purchasing energy efficient windows requires you to do your homework. There are other factors not mentioned here, but don’t worry, our team at Iowa Home Exteriors will educate you, and assist you in choosing the perfect energy efficient window for your home. Energy Efficient Window Considerations If you’re not completely convinced your home needs energy efficient windows, then think about these three things: Save Money – As mentioned earlier, the more energy efficient your windows are, the more money and energy you will save each month. Get Comfortable – If you have new energy efficient windows, drafts will be eliminated and the temperature in your home will stay regulated. Stay Protected – Many energy efficient windows have a coating on the glass to reduce and protect your, your furniture, and your floors from the UV rays of the sun. Choosing The Best Energy Efficient Window Infographic We have included a shareable infographic “Choosing The Best Energy Efficient Window” to help you when it comes time to choose which energy efficient window is best for your home. You can download it and send it to any friends or neighbors that may find it useful. Iowa Home Exteriors Can Help Maybe you’re not sure if you even need new windows. Check out our blog post “Prepare for Fall with Window Replacement” to see if your windows are ready. At Iowa Home Exteriors we offer many different types of window replacements. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment so we can help you get your questions answered. We are looking forward to hearing from you!