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Trim Options For Your Home

Trim Options for Your HomeSiding needs the right trim! There is no better way to dress up the exterior of your home than new siding and with so many great options currently on the market, you probably have questions. The siding experts at Iowa Home Exteriors can provide you with answers. One question we often hear is “new siding is great, but what could take the exterior of your home from great to outstanding?” Adding just the right trim to your home’s exterior is the perfect way to enhance its curb appeal and give your home the “finished” look you want. We want to share with you at least three things to consider when it comes to considering trim options for your home, they are: Materials Styles Cost Exterior Trim Material In the past, your options for exterior trim or molding was pretty much limited to just wood. Exterior trim and molding has come a long way since then and now there many synthetic materials available such as wood composites and PVC. Many people today still choose to solid wood for their exterior trim, but the benefits of using wood composites, PVC, and even fiber cement is that they are more resistant to humidity. This high resistance to humidity and other harsh weather conditions allows the paint to adhere better than it does on wood and lasts three to five times longer. The synthetic materials are also more resistant to water, insects, and fungus. Trim Styles There are many different styles of trim and molding options for your home and you should consider a few things before choosing one. When you choose an outfit for the day, do you pick accessories just because you like the particular item, or because it matches your outfit and completes the look you are going for? The same concept applies when it comes time to choose trim for your home. You need to take a good look at the style of your home and decide what “look” you are trying to achieve. Here are just a few trim and molding styles you can choose from: Gingerbread Trim Dentil Molding Brackets Gable Pediment The whole point of adding a nice trim or molding to the exterior of your home is to enhance its look and curb appeal, not clash with your home’s style, but to compliment it. Trim and Molding Costs When buying anything for your home you have to consider more than just the up-front cost. Step back and take a look at the bigger picture! Think about the cost to maintain and keep your trim or molding looking the best it can be for many years to come. You want trim and molding that will last and stand up to harsh weather conditions. When purchasing trim you buy it by the foot and the price range varies quite a bit. A more simple design can be purchased for as little as $5 a foot and a more elaborate design could cost for as much as $40 a foot. Your Siding & Trim Contractor If your goal is to add curb appeal and increase the value of your home, we highly recommend adding just the right exterior trim and take it to a whole new level. Iowa Home Exteriors offers many siding and trim options for your home, so contact us today for all of your siding and trim needs! Trim Options For Your Home Infographic We are providing you this “Trim Options For Your Home” infographic so you will have a better idea about the different types of siding options available for your home. Feel free to download and share with friends and family.