Prepare for Fall with Window Replacement

Prepare for Fall with Window Replacement

Summer is over... check your windows!

It seems as if another summer has come and gone and with that it’s time to think about cleaning up your yard, putting away the kid’s outdoor toys, yard furniture, and coiling up the hose. The end of August is a good time to start thinking about preparing for the fall!

Putting away the hose and lawn furniture before cold weather set in are easy to remember, but something often over looked and forgotten until the cold wind blows are your windows.

Drafty, Leaky Windows

Remember last winter when you could hear and feel just a little more of that north wind blowing through your drafty windows? Then springtime rolled around followed by a warm and busy summer and you forgot all about it.

The fall is just around the corner and winter close behind that… are your windows ready?

Your best option for preparing the drafty windows in your home this fall might be completely replacing them. Our window replacement experts would like to share with you some of the typical and telling signs to look for as indicators your windows are past saving.

Do your leaky windows need replaced?

Signs to Look For

  • Drafty – Your windows should never let enough air in while closed that you notice it. Many people, when they feel a draft through their window, think they just need to add more weather stripping or sealing. But take note, a noticeable draft means there is a serious air leak. Weather stripping and sealing is just a temporary fix.
  • Condensation – If you start to notice condensation build up in your double or triple paned windows then you might consider replacing the glass or the entire window all together. Overtime the seal on your windows can fade away allowing moisture to seep in. Again, if they has reached the point where you can see condensation or fog, then they are often past the point of resealing.
  • Broken – This one is a little more obvious. If your windows are broken, cracked, or having major issues closing and opening then you should consider replacing them.
  • Noisy – If your windows are allowing in significant amounts of noise you might have an older window. Newer windows keep out the heat, cold air, and they are also designed to keep out noise. So if you’re hearing your neighbors and foot traffic outside your home, then you might consider updating your windows.
  • High Energy Bill – How high was your energy bill last winter? If your energy bill seemed out of control then you might have windows that need replaced. Windows generally last 20-40 years, so if yours are older than that or are getting close then it would be cost effective to go ahead and replace them.

5 Reasons to Repair or Replace Windows Infographic

Repair or Replace Windows Infographic

We have included a shareable infographic "5 Reasons to Repair or Replace Windows" to help you decide if your windows might need to be repaired or replaced. You can download it and send it to any friends or neighbors that may find it useful.

Hiring a Window Contractor

So, you have determined your windows need replaced, but how do you decide on a window replacement contractor who can get the job done right and on your budget? A few months ago we shared with you a blog post entitled “5 Questions to Ask a Window Replacement Contractor.” Use those questions to help you find just the right window replacement contractor.

Iowa Home Exteriors has been replacing windows and satisfying clients for over 30 years! We would love the opportunity to take a look at your current windows and help you decide the best way to solve your leaky window problem. Contact us today to set up a time we can meet and give you a free quote for your project!

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